Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodness of Gulkand

Last weekend, I had gone to a shopping mall with my friend. We were looking for Landmark, when my friend saw an Ayurvedic shop and went in. I was simply looking at different products, but my friend inquired specifically for "Gulkand". I had heard of it, but could not recollect where. Anyway, I too bought 250gm of "Gulkand". Out of curiosity, I googled it for more info. After reading about it, I was surprised to know that "rose petals" have medicinal value! And also, came to know why the name sounded familiar.. it is used in "sweet pan" ("beeda" in tamil). Along with "betel leaf", gulkand makes a good combination.

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For past two days, I am having a teaspoon of gulkand in morning and evening. Its effect is easily perceptible, especially for eyes. I am getting the benefits of "Gulkand". What about you?


vineet said...

i agree i read sumthn diffrent after long time

Sundeep said...

Thanks :)

Karthik said...

Never thought of benefits, but i eat it because it is tasty. :P

Sundeep said...

yup, it is the most delicious Ayruvedic medicine :P :)

good that you eat it :)

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