Monday, September 21, 2009

Of Dreams & Nightmares

After all my exams finished in 7th semester of college (November 2007), I was quite happy that I would be freed from preparing for an exam again! Atleast for the foreseeable future.. But I was wrong.. I have since given countless exams.. all types of crazy ones.. and guess what.. without an iota of preparation! Mind has got an ingenious way of making me give it.. yes, I am speaking of my first recurring night-mare I have known.. to those who have known me in school or college, they would scarcely believe me.. but it is true.. Even today morning around 6am, I woke up in fear of writing a hindi exam where I was damn slow to answer the questions!! I have always had fear of exams which made me, to an extent, to study hard and attend the exam with gr8 confidence.. Now I am unable to quell away this recurring night-mare :(.. I guess, my fear for exams is still deeply imprinted in my mind..

Anyway, these night-mares got me to again think on the subject of "dreams".. Like you would all have done, I have spent many hours contemplating on "dreams".. One thing that strikes me is that most (if not all) of the times, dreams have the characters/objects known to me.. only these known ones are vivid enough for recollection, rest of them are hazy.. also, when a book I am reading interests me very much, or sleeping after an uncompleted cricket match I like, with astonishing consistency, they have appeared in my dreams.. with all kinds of crazy events happening related to it.. mostly it takes the form I do not desire to happen..

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It is not like dreams always make us anxious.. sometimes, they tend to help us in clearing our thoughts/understanding.. I do remember a dream I had in 1st yr of college.. I had written few C/C++ programs required for the assignment.. in my dreams, i discovered that I had made a logical mistake in one of the programs.. which proved correct when I reviewed it the next day!!.. and recently, I have had similar dreams related to my office work which helped me..

I do believe, that in our dreams, our reactions are close to what we would have done in reality.. an example: few weeks back, i had watched die-hard2 before sleeping.. in my dream, I am taken as "prisoner" along with many others... each one is being checked for weapons.. and those who lied are tortured... interestingly, I had a bomb with me which I was entrusted with before being kill the enemy... now, when my turn comes for inspection, instead of blowing the enemy (along with me, ofcourse) I fear for my life and give it up.. (and, as with dreams, the scene later changed dramatically to my college!! )

And a final thought on my night-mares... they have atleast united both the schools I attended, college and the friends I had there... they all get mixed-up in a bizarre sequence.. changing from schools to college or mingling my school and college friends in the other location... and, few of them do not involve the exam-nightmares.. they become a treasure to be savored for the day...


sathya said...

interestin read na..

Sundeep said...

thanks :)

Karthik said...

Share the same experience, dude. I too get bizarre dreams. These days I'm having conversations with that greek musician Yanni. Yesterday was the third time. Ironically enough, we are not talking about music, but he's giving advices on life. Funny, isn't it? Maybe because I've been a great fan of his and listen to his music quite often. But still, three times in 2 weeks? Same dream?
Your post just got me more curious.
Nice way of writing, by the way. Well executed.
Keep writing.

Sundeep said...

thanks Karthik..
indeed dreams can be funny.. I suppose those advices are very much required for u.. in which case i suspect ur sub-conscious mind is trying to help u thro' ur fan Yanni :) :P
Happy dreaming :)

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Positive thinking

Sundeep said...

Thanks a lot Karim :)
happy that u found it helpful :)

vamsi said...

Very good analysis..I liked reading it..keep blogging..:)

divsi said...

heya ...thats a nice post..even i get weirdo dreams...flyin... antartic n wat not!:) lol
btw u kno there is even a book intepretation of dreams...thats a great one!

Sundeep said...

thanks a lot divsi...
keep visitng :)

Nethra said...


There is something called lucid dreams. One of my friend told me about it. There we control our dreams and in the process end up mixing everything. That is why its so bizzare at times.
By the way, nice post. :)

Sundeep said...


thanks a lot for this info..
i hav read a few articles on dream after writing this blog.. but did not come across "lucid" dreams..
perhaps the dreams will remain a matter of curiosity forever..

keep visiting :)

Mak said...

Didn't you get any nightmare of loving a girl(atleast in a dream)..?

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