Saturday, October 31, 2009

An attempt at Poetry

कोई काम नहीं है ऐसा जटिल,
जितना तेरा वर्णन है मुश्किल |

कविता लिखने के लिए सोचूँ
तो शब्द नहीं पाऊँ |
यदि नहीं लिख सका,
तो भी में पछताऊँ ||

कैसे करूँ शुरुआत
कैसे कहूँ मन की बात?
कहने को है बहुत कुछ
लेकिन यही तो है मूसीबत||
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सच को कहना
हरेक का हक है |
और उसे लिखना
मेरे जीने का मकसद है ||

इतना लिख लिया
लेकिन कुछ ना बता पाया |
लाख कोशिश करूँ
तो भी ना कह पाया ||

अरे... नहीं समझे?
यह तो सिर्फ़ बकवास है...

I will try to put it in English for those who do not know hindi:

No work is as difficult,
As that of explaining you .

When I think about writing a poem,
I do not get words.
Have plenty to say,
But that is the difficulty.

To tell the truth,
Is everyone's right.
And to write it,
Is my life's mission.

Have written so much,
But couldn't explain anything.
Try hard as I may,
Couldn't put forth anything.

Hey.. did you not get it,
This is just rubbish..

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My favourite instance for coincidence is from my own life! Owing to our father's constant pressure from very young age of our life, we (myself, and my two elder brothers) always strived hard to get good marks in studies. My eldest brother, Anup, took to getting 1st rank as a habit. Due to different schooling structure in Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu, Anup had to forgo 2 years of schooling. As a result, he and my other elder Arpit studied in same class from 1st standard onwards. But, this difference of schooling structure did not hamper him from getting the better of Arpit in studies. This paved way for constant competition between both my elder brothers. Try however hard, Arpit couldn't beat Anup until the 4th standard. It was 2nd mid-term tests, and Arpit outdid Anup by a whisker! getting 468/500 with Anup getting 467/500.

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Now starts the funny part! I wasn't so good in studies right from LKG. Anup took to being the mentor for me. He instilled in me the habit of getting up early in morning for studying and also guiding me on various aspects of life. I improved in studies and even getting 2nd rank in 3rd standard, but still couldn't get the elusive 1st rank. It became almost a feverish wish to achieve 1st rank somehow. And then it happened! I got the 1st rank in 4th standard. Guess what! It was in 2nd mid-term. It doesn't stop here. Yup, you guessed it.. I got 468/500 and beat the 2nd rank holder by 1 mark! It doesn't end here too! The 2nd rank holder was my relative, who used to get 1st rank often just like Anup!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodness of Gulkand

Last weekend, I had gone to a shopping mall with my friend. We were looking for Landmark, when my friend saw an Ayurvedic shop and went in. I was simply looking at different products, but my friend inquired specifically for "Gulkand". I had heard of it, but could not recollect where. Anyway, I too bought 250gm of "Gulkand". Out of curiosity, I googled it for more info. After reading about it, I was surprised to know that "rose petals" have medicinal value! And also, came to know why the name sounded familiar.. it is used in "sweet pan" ("beeda" in tamil). Along with "betel leaf", gulkand makes a good combination.

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For comprehensive uses of Gulkand, visit

For past two days, I am having a teaspoon of gulkand in morning and evening. Its effect is easily perceptible, especially for eyes. I am getting the benefits of "Gulkand". What about you?

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