Monday, August 23, 2010

This day...

Long back, when I was still learning maths tables (among few that I didn't mug-up), I tried my hand in writing a story. First in my mother tongue hindi and then in english feeling it would be more comfortable (we had the rule of speaking only english in school). It was utter disappointment. I even tried to just translate a story from Champak (remember anyone? It is still among the popular kid's magazine in hindi.) to english. Which left me with more displeasure and depressed.

Now, I feel satisfied. Immensely. Not just one, I could write SIX. To me that is a HUGE achievement. And none of it would have been possible without you. Yes 'you'. Its not just the customary thanks but a truly heartfelt one. I keep coming across articles that say that most (if not everyone) of us are in constant longing for praise. Someone who genuinely appreciates our work. Its true for sure in my case. Most of what we do is taken for granted and we are left with no one to recognize the hard-work we put in. When I started blogging, I got all the appreciation in various forms. Some left a comment, some pinged me and some said it when they met me. I was initially sad that the response was slow and insufficient but when I thought about it on the whole, I realized that many did visit my blog and came back which I ascertained from carefully noting the visitor counter. And that, to me was very essential in keeping up with blogging.

I started blogging as I couldn't resist sharing the wonderful first trek with my colleagues. It was meant to be a launch pad for me to start the blog. I had a vague idea of sharing some of the interesting happenings in my life. And also, it meant I could cherish those moments again & again whenever I wanted in greater detail. I started visiting other blogs to improve my blogging skills. It was a great learning curve, as well as got to be friends with some of them.

And inevitably, it was suggested by many that I write a story. It took some time to convince myself that I could write one. And one fine day last November, I got a theme, which I felt good enough for a short story. But for a lazy guy like me, it would take nearly four months to complete and publish on my blog. And in large parts thanks to Karthik & Srini for their inputs on the story. I would spend many a hours contemplating on the characters of the story and events to move forward the story. But when I would sit in front of my lappy to write it down, words would conspire against me to put down as I would like it. Worse, it would take so much thinking to get the right word I wanted. I can assure you that had I written all that I thought of, it would have amounted to no less than 20-30 pages. And even before I could finish the first one, I struck upon themes for next story and many a small ideas which lie tucked in some draft in my gmail account. Thinking about the next story would draw more attention than finishing the first one. I even got good ideas for the second one when I had gone to Rajasthan in February. But as I published that trip events, I got into good writing mood and finished the first story soon after. And lo! What a relief it was. I believe it would remain the one story where I put so much effort.

As rightly said, "the first step is so important". It fills us up with confidence of having done it before to do it again. Writing on a different theme for every new story has kept me going thus far. While that results in some not-so-good ones, it atleast gives me the satisfaction of having tried it and learned from its outcome.

I hope I haven't bored you with my emotions. I owed a post on this. And what better date than today, August 23, when I started with my first post last year. I love writing, but without you to read and appreciate/criticize I wouldn't be able to convince myself to write. So, until I see a rise in visitor counter every time I write a post, I hope to continue it :)

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