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Book review - Jan 2016

Since discovering my love for fiction books in high school, I've read more than 300 books. Predominantly, I read them for time pass and prefer easy to read ones. Having read crazy to normal level of discussions on Harry Potter, Cosmere and other book forums, I've come to realize that my understanding is usually limited to summary of the novel. The why and how details are usually beyond my comprehension. Be it a very good book or a movie I want to know more about, I prowl online to further my understanding.

At the same time, I've had happy knack of recommending good books to read. I hope these short reviews (no spoilers) summarized monthly will help other readers. 


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Dead Weight: The Tombs

"It's a near-future, dark-urban-fantasy, noir, war thriller about the United States at war with the Faerie of Irish Mythology" - author, M. Todd Gallowglas
Lurking on /r/fantasy, I got the first installment of this serialized novel for free. It was a difficult read for me as well as difficult to follow the country specific references. Epigraphs from various authors were good though :P Read the book as a break from mainstream and it served that purpose.

Trojan Horse

And this book I got via Quora Bangalore meetup group. Another attempt to read little known novels. Easy to read and fast paced. It does a good impression of showing how vulnerable is any electronic device in this connected era (though am no judge of all the extraordinary computer viruses written in the book)

First Law Trilogy

The Blade Itself

Overall 4 stars for the trilogy. Grim dark fantasy (not my favorite type). Amazing characters in Logen and Glokta. Most of them are already established at the height of their power. The usual highly moral fantasy characters are absent. There are quests, wars, twists - but different from usual tropes. There is magic (how of it isn't explained) and visits from spirits. If you like dark fantasy, don't miss it. And there are other stand alone novels set in this world too, if you are left wanting more.

Sixth of the Dusk

Cosmere has become my favorite fantasy series after Harry Potter. I've read every novel, novella and short stories Brandon has to offer so far. And I was lucky enough to receive unpublished one as well from author's website. 10 novels in this universe have been published so far, at least 26 more planned - that is 30+ more years to look forward too!

This short novella was thrilling to say the least, can be read in single sitting. Brandon is best known for his unique magic systems and this had one as well. And tantalizingly, Brandon put in a future Cosmere reference...


The Bands of Mourning

Third book in Wax and Wayne series (one more left). And originally, this was supposed to be just a filler between Mistborn trilogies, instead became 4 full fledged novels and us fans got more peek into Cosmere level happenings. Brandon's continued development as an author shines as well. Apart from usual Sanderson epic scenes, I liked character development and maturity shown. A particular chapter will leave you literally ROFL.

But with so many things happening, I doubt all things will be tied in the concluding book. Guess certain events will get their own separate novellas :D Epilogue and after word from author leads to next book...

Mistborn: Secret History

We Cosmere fans were drooling when it was announced that we were getting two novels in back to back months. Imagine our delight when the author announces a novella at the end of second book, releasing on the same day (intended as a surprise). Of course that had to be read A.S.A.P

From various WoB (Word of Brandon), we had an inkling about a certain character from first Mistborn trilogy. This novella fulfilled that yearning and yet again tantalizingly left us wanting more. Full of Cosmere level events, but maybe 10 more years to wait for next in this series :-/


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