Friday, February 26, 2016

Blood Donation Drive - 21 Feb 2016

So, I finally participated in one of the many Blood donation drives conducted by BTC. More than 60 BTCians turned up for the camp, conducted in association with Lions Bhavan at Sanjay nagar.

Pictures Courtesy: BTC

As reminded and advised, we had breakfast before showing up for donation. The schedule was flexible - 10 AM to 1 PM, to allow for people traveling from all over Bengaluru as well as individual life styles. Some of us planned to meet our trek mates for lunch and MG road open street afterwards.

From the map link sent via email and mybmtc website, it was easy to reach the destination bus stop and walk the short distance to the camp. There were banners and organizers standing outside as well for co-ordinating.

First we filled a form on personal details and medical history qualifications related to blood donation. And we joked about weighing machine falsely adding kgs before adding the detail in the form. Then we had our fingers pricked for determining blood group and hemoglobin count followed by check up for pulse rate and blood pressure. During which the medical examiners would make casual discussion on what breakfast you had and about your previous blood donations.

And then usually we waited for our turn for actual donation. There were couple of beds to lie and few easy stretch long chairs to get comfortable while donating. A medical assistant would strap an arm tight, give a stress ball to grip and relax, and then poke the needle. A few, especially first timers, found it a little disconcerting, but largely it was all easily handled. Just a short while later (during which small talk is made and pics clicked), it is all done and band-aid applied to the pricked spot.

Prevents clotting by agitation

While waiting and after donating, we greeted familiar faces and made acquaintances with others. After donation, we get refreshments in the form of fruit juice, biscuits, banana, water, etc. And of course a certification as a token of appreciation as well as guideline and information on back side.
The blood units so collected are then transferred for testing, separation of components and storage. During form filling, donors can specify if they want to be intimated of any abnormal results from blood tests. I would request all to donate (for social cause and its health benefits) at least yearly. Happy donating :)

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