Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Late Realization

Today morning, I was reflecting on my corporate life which lead to comparison with student life... paid to do what our manager demands, but find listening to the lecturer difficult... office timings are flexible but strict timings for student... have to pay from pockets to go for a tour(officially IV), here the company arranges... leave letters or scoldings for bunking, but paid leaves in office... internet access all day in office, but scarcely in school or limited in college.. at home, watching as many movies as I like, listening to music I like, buying things which I dreamed off.. and so on...
Suddenly the corporate life seems much better!! but hey, am I not missing something? where are my little dreams of achieving big in life? where is my motivation hiding? where is my desire to get something? When stacked against odds, I excelled, worked hard, had my dreams and motivation, had desires to invent something great.. but now that the life is easy going, I find it difficult to live that way... the freedom I yearned so much for, seems to have enslaved me...
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Why can't I go back to my ignorant days with wild imaginations and fantasies... perhaps the answer lies in not being able to adapt to my freedom... those little dreams, goal-setting, anticipation of results, etc used to be my world... all joy within the soul and less dependent on outside world... but all these are absent for a long time now.... hope I can wake those dreams all over again...


ashwin ramachandran said...

The post makes an interesting read. The entire point is, u had choices to choose from, and u chose this.
Knowing which way to go gives u confidence, deciding to take the other path helps discover what u are made of!!!
All the very best Mr. Senior.

Pooja Menon said...

Very well written.. The irony is that when we were young we always dreamt of growing up and getting freedom & independence, basically monetary.. But, now that we're grown up, we realize how blissful those days were! :-)

Sundeep said...

thanks for ur wishes :)

yeah.. and good that I have realised it.. am taking steps to rediscover & fulfill those dreams :)
thanks for the compliment..

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