Saturday, November 5, 2016

Book review - Oct 2016

Plenty of books read in October. Not including part of series read towards end of month, will include in next month post ;)
Rating scheme is based on goodreads: 
             liked it
really liked it

Fun read but slow going until the end

Lockwood's actions sometimes seemed too much like Sherlock Holmes, inexplicable but logical once explained

Lucy and George are able side kicks (leads me to wonder why 2 male and 1 female groups are most common than other way around? Harry Potter and Riyria Revelations immediately spring to mind...)

Dragonriders of Pern

Nice read and quite liked the way Dragons were portrayed (not to forget fire lizards :P). A TV series adaptation would be great!

The writing improved as series progressed, but still certain passages were difficult to comprehend and minor characters were difficult to keep track of.

Seemed like many concepts and plots were an inspiration for series like Harry Potter, Aether of Night, Uprooted, Mistborn, etc

Nice little emotional story, liked the details...

The premise is good, execution could have been better to up the pacing

I liked the writing a lot and the small things that author brings up in a good way. The feeling of 18th/19th century is palpable, much like the classics but written for most parts in modern usage of language.

Illustrations were nice as well and memorable characters makes it a satisfying read. The ending leaves you wanting for more, but can't find information on release dates of sequels

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