Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Early morning walk and jog at Cubbon park - 10 July, 2016

Another attempt to make jogging a habit. Not ambitious this time, but trying to start small. To be consistent, instead of aiming for glory. And what better way to start again than with BTC and Cubbon park as location?

Meeting time 6:25 AM and meeting point the entrance gate near Cubbon part metro station. No problem, if one gets up early enough to catch the 6 AM metro starting from either Byappanahalli or Mysuru road.

About 10 of us came in metro from Byappanahalli side and got chatting. At meeting point, we waited 5-10 more minutes for everybody to come. Signed our attendance forms. Organizers Pavan and Gaurav gave an outline for the event - first up walk around the Cubbon park (also helps newbies to get to know the path), then jog around the park on same route followed by stretching exercises.

So, walking first. But hold on, no leisure walking. Brisk walk it is. Although we were a large group (around 25), we soon thinned as per our pace. When you can talk without discomfort, that is a good pace to maintain. And helps passing time, without brooding on length of walk. Being monsoon season, it was cloudy, cooler morning and pleasant to walk despite sweating. Overnight rain meant the muddy walking/jogging track was slimy here and there. 

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Most of us finished the walking round in about 45 minutes and assembled near Queen Victoria's statue. The public restrooms spaced around the park were useful. There was one nearby here as well.

Before starting our jogging, our organizers stressed again to go at your own comfortable pace. And to assemble at the entrance gate near metro station (i.e the meetup point for event). Some of us had water before starting out (thanks to those who were carrying water and shared with us)

Predictably, we were even more spread out during jogging. I just had one simple aim - jog without stopping and finish the run. And I did it, except for those iron bridges where I preferred to walk instead. Took about 40 minutes, not much difference compared to brisk walk :P But the last kilometer or so was very demanding. And tempting to give up and walk.

The park was crowded with people everywhere. Most people walking, jogging and running. A few cyclists, skaters, some playing badminton, cricket, etc. And probably some slack lining. Some were feeding fishes in the dirty looking pond as well as birds in nearby clearing. There were stalls here and there, selling water and fruit drinks,  vegetables, fruits, pot plants, etc. 

It started drizzling as we neared meeting point. So we met inside a veranda nearby, seemingly built for just this purpose :P Gaurav led the way with stretching exercises, from head to toes. Phew, they seemed more difficult than the 10 KM walking and jogging. And they informed that it was shortened for lack of space and continuing drizzle :P

After that, we moved out despite the drizzle for laughter and clapping exercises (needed bigger space). We then introduced ourselves along with feedback on the event. It was good to know that many were regulars and there were a few suggestions given as well. One particular suggestion to run on roads instead of muddy trail in rainy season was countered with the fact that running on road wasn't good for knees.

We took group picture before dispersing. Some teamed up to go for breakfast, some went to have fruit bowl or sugarcane juice, while the rest took leave, having somewhere else to go or long distance to their stays.

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