Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book review - June 2016

So, that is 28 books/novellas in first half of this year. With Himalayan trip and frenetic preparations for workshop, had time to read only 3 books - but all were good, so there's that :)
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Fascinating read, especially the historical anecdotes of changing theories as we learnt more and more about Universe. Most of the history was new info for me, the one on Mars canals was intriguing - that must have been such an exciting time followed by heart-breaking revelation

Asimov does a great job of presenting what we know about life coming into existence on our planet and how it might apply to other astronomical bodies, especially why certain type of stars aren't likely to harbor life forms

The final few chapters on space travel seems to point interstellar travel remaining stuff of science fiction :(



Having read 'Good Omens' and similar theme in Sci-fi (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) I had an inkling what I was getting into with Discworld. Mort was just a random book being circulated from a monthly meetup I attend and turns out a good choice.

I really enjoyed the book and impressed by the world-building. It'll sure take me many books to get a good grip with all odd workings, but I loved the glimpses sprinkled throughout the book.

I don't think I'll be binge reading the entire series, planning to read a few every year for all the laughs and variety from more serious books.

Pawn of Prophecy

Finally got around to start this series - and am glad I did.

I liked it despite the very familiar fantasy tropes (prophecy, kid getting to know he might be special, etc) and I agree with plenty of reviews recommending this series as a introduction to fantasy - easy to read, fast paced, likable characters and so far not much in the way of grey characters
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