Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book review - Mar 2016

March was a good month - 5 books and all of them good :) And thought provoking as well ;)
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Another classic far ahead of its time

Wilde deftly twists arguments both sides, provoking the reader to question beliefs and experiences.. The overarching story only serves more as a backdrop than being focus of the book 

Red Rising trilogy

You can't but help think of 'Hunger Games' while reading the first book. And 'Game of Thrones' as you are well into second book. The entire trilogy is non-stop action, maneuvers and gritty characters - so much so that if you read all three books back to back, it gets nauseating. By the third book and climax, twists are expected and spotted a mile away.

The sci-fi setting in our Solar System was good, but felt contrived to drive the story forward and manipulate events. Pierce Brown shines in betrayals and battle plans, not so much in nuanced and fleshed out sci-fi technology. Its like telling a fantasy story with pure sci-fi elements.

So many memorable characters, well fleshed out despite single first person narrative throughout. That was actually refreshing, after reading so many multiple POV series.
Good Omens
Funny and much like 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' it was thought provoking
Takes a while to get started and a bit of slow-down half way through. Despite being parody like, there is a credible story that keeps the book cohesive. Wish someone writes one similar for Indian mythology (probably already there, let me know)


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