Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Herring

Rahul was anxiously drumming on the dinner table of some hotel. His irritated friends asked him to stop the umpteenth time. Rahul looked at the black screen of his cell phone. No SMS or call yet from her. Whatever is taking so long. He did not try to call her as it may show his impatience. They had known each other only the past week. It was as if they were born for each other and both had fallen in love at first sight. Just like the movies. He had never imagined it would happen to him.
And then she arrived. She had an innocent, apologetic look. Before Rahul could say anything, she embraced him in a tight hug. The wait was worth it after all. She gave him a chocolate and said she couldn't come sooner.
Rahul was about to introduce his friends when he felt like falling. Soon the back ached and his eyes opened. He was on the floor. It was a dream and Rahul felt like kicking himself for having fallen down. The hug was still vivid and he couldn't stop himself from calling Sheetal at the wee hour of 2am. He was thinking of twisting the hug part.

He was surprised to hear her clear voice 'Hi sweetie'. What was she doing at this hour?
"Hi She, you know I had a dream just now"
"About me? Tell me all about it" she too had something to say but as always wanted to know his first.
And so, Rahul explained it but changed the hug part to kiss.
"I kissed you? Hmmm... aren't you lying? was it not a hug?"
Rahul couldn't believe his ears. How did she know? Is this a dream again? He pinched himself and he blurted out Ouch
"What happened?" Sheetal asked anxiously.
"Oh nothing She, I wondered if I was dreaming again. How did you know it was a hug?"
Oh it was hug only. "I also know that you are sitting on the floor right now" she said not believing herself.
"Sheeeeeeeeee, you are amazing!" He looked around to see if somehow she was there.
"Huh? did you fall too?"
"What do you mean you too? Don't play with me She, the hug is still floating around my eyes and don't spoil my mood"
"You won't believe it sweetie. I had the same dream and am on the floor. I was about to call when you did" and she applied moov happily cherishing the kiss Rahul gave in her version of the dream.


Raghav Gautam said...

Hey, nicely written. It worked for me :-)

Karthik said...

Haha...:) Beautiful, man. Loved it really. Very cute, very sweet.

And talk of the town: Sundeep has written a love story. :D

Though it is too short, it's nicely narrated. :)

santa said...

Good post. Been following your blog silently for some time now. Keep writing, as it gets better with time :)

Nethra said...

A very nice Ad story for Moov. :) Jokes apart, it was a very cute love story. :)

Sundeep said...

RG, thanks a ton :)

Karthik, that's a gr8 compliment and yeah I too can write love stories thanks to my friends ;)

Santa, thanks, hope I live upto your faith :)

Nethra, haha, Ad for moov.. lol.. glad you liked the story :)

srini said...

Found a topic for today's tea break..Is this what jubin and co were talking abt?? Nice anna...I expect more frm u..

Sundeep said...

yes srini, jubin was talking about this s'day..

u r expecting more stories on this topic? lol...
as of now there are lot other topics I would write about :)

sm said...

nice story

Sundeep said...


thanks :)

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