Saturday, May 8, 2010

Five words

A humble request, am just trying something different, it is meant for fun. Hope I succeed :)


Meet our hero of the story. As always, heroes are different, in this case, very different. Hold on till I try to create some suspense. Curious and intrigued to explore, he now was standing a few meters from a wall. A wall he wished to reach but always held back by the command of his chief, the villain in our story. Today was the ideal opportunity for our hero to satisfy his thirst. It could spell disaster for him. But heroes are meant to risk danger. He looked yearningly at the five-foot compound wall on north side of the house. He scurried like a squirrel through the lawn which was oddly sloped upwards. His heart was pounding as he looked around to see if any one was watching him. (No no, he isn't trying to escape) Assured of no activity, he shaped up to jump instead of climbing (stunt for hero, hehe). He managed to cling on to the top of the wall. And lo! The sight before him was too good to believe that he forgot his footing and fell flat back on the lawn. (To make the story move forward, our hero had to fall.. poor him)


"He has been showing his churlish side lately" chief said to the only other soul in the room.
"He is behaving like a nerd" his wife opined.
The chief thundered "How many times I have stressed the importance of not letting anyone near the curtilage" (oh, I used 'thundered'.. for effect)
"We should not procrastinate the verdict. He should be given a stern punishment immediately without a chance for disputation" (ooh, harsh words indeed from a female.. will our hero escape?)
Before the chief could announce the verdict, the doctor arrived to announce that the prisoner had regained consciousness. (aa ha, here comes a twist)


The squirrels had all assembled near the fallen brave. (Yeah, you have read it right - squirrels.. I did mention that our hero 'scurried like a squirrel')
Our hero was delirious. (He had seen a guava tree. And it was not visible from within the curtilage due to the upward slope)

The villain, oops, the chief arrived fumingly. Our hero cannot fight, so he ran to the wall and this time jumped beyond the wall!
"Oh no, he will be drowned" exclaimed the chief and revealed to the assembled for the first time that beyond the curtilage was water all around.
His wife's heart melted for our hero and asked the chief to do something.
"It's over, we cannot help him" said the chief almost in remorse but nevertheless 'climbed' the wall.
He couldn't believe what he saw. Ok no more drama.
Our hero was swimming merrily towards the guava tree surrounded by water.
A small flashback now.
The chief had fallen in this pool when he was young and just managed to climb back without knowing that he could swim too.
That was very short perhaps.
To end our story happily, the chief and other squirrels joined our hero and had a good time eating the guavas.


PS: Wondering why the odd title? Notice the five words I have italicized in the second part of the story. New words that I learnt this week and thought of sharing it in the form of a story.


Karthik said...

Nice attempt, man. Something new. But didn't quite enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your other stories.
Hope to read more. :)

Sundeep said...

thanks dude.. :)

shail said...

Learning new words and trying to use them in a story... that's a good way of learning. :)

Sundeep said...

Thanks Shail :)

am so glad that you visited my blog :)

Mak said...

See this is too much..
I was very interested to read the story as if you have written five point someone or something like that. But you fooled me. I could see that you are really interested in short stories. But don't kill us like this.

Sundeep said...

Your expectation levels are too much...

If I could write atleast like Chetan, then why would I be working so many hours in a company :D

my next one will be a long short-story :P...

Mak said...

Long story like this...... :-o
Going to use all the words from oxford ?????

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