Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Antaragange Trip - 3. Tricky Way down

(A view taken while coming down )

And so we started our way down.. Mohan and Aish found it a bit tough to climb down… the thick vegetation with thorns gave many scratches this time for most of us… Aish got one even inside her right ear!!.. we were worried abt the finding the right way.. but we had little difficulty… as it was mostly straight – forward.. I broke away from the rest of the group to reach them following a different path… while I enjoyed it and proved to be a shorter path, I got many scratches through this path.. thankfully, I found and removed the small thorns sticking to my fingers.. I realized another thing.. I started to like trekking!!

( Light n funny moments like this help a lot...)

Isli & Prakhar were in front and others followed them.. after a while, they had gone too much in front… we saw a cave and went that way, while those 2 had gone towards car… rakesh and me went ahead to check if we could enter the cave… a steep rock had to climbed to get into the cave… which was almost impossible… there was another way around the rock… but blocked by a cactus and the entrance to cave was very narrow.. so I said that we cannot enter the cave… and should go back.. thankfully Rakesh made a way… he broke down the blocking branches of the cactus (with his shoes ofcourse :P)… we managed to enter the cave through the very narrow path… me and Rakesh then climbed the steep rock from the inside of cave… it was all then taking photos with different poses and different views… there were two very large rocks on the rear side with little gap between, enough to walk… but blocked at the end preventing from going out through that way… mohan asked ppl to balance between those rocks without touching the ground.. and he took photos taking a view as though those ppl climbed between the rocks :P :D…. it was real fun… and in middle of all this, the other group(Isli n Prakhar ) found us missing and called us using mobile :P.. thankfully tower strength was very good.. we told them that we were in a cave… they came back and said that they were near a big rock arrangement.. we replied that we were underneath it :P… we all shouted to catch their attention.. and they replied back, which we could hear.. and shortly they found us and joined inside the cave..

(Rear and front view of the cave)

Few of us came out of the cave while Isli n Prakhar went in… Rakesh got badly stuck while trying to come jumping down from the steep rock… somehow he managed to come through after lot of scrambling … we started again in direction of car… easier for us as Isli n Prakhar had gone so far as to see it… and thus we finished our first of trekking efforts…

It was decision time again to decide what next… not surprisingly, we decided to have our lunch and then take the steps to go to temple and beyond… it was around 12:30pm.. so there was enough time left… near the car parking there is an old abandoned temple… and a broken guest house… it had a verandah with no one around.. ideal place for us to have lunch… we opened the parcel.. only to find the bisibelabath spilled all over inside the plastic bag!! … so we threw it besides the temple where there was a garbage dump.. a monkey went near it and skillfully opened and started eating… Isli took videos of it :P… few other monkeys were watching us, but none went near the one eating the rice… thankfully for us, the dosas were well packed…. We shared it among us… along with snacks I had bought.. when we threw one dosa pack after eating, a monkey went to it and looked through it for food… I decided to lead them to the rice pack by showing a dosa pack… and suddenly all hell broke loose… the monkeys started fighting and screaming!!! Somehow, we were not attacked.. phew.. it was scary…

After the light meal, prakhar and ravi went to get water bottles and cool drinks… and we took much needed rest.. few inside the car.. few on a closed well near the car… the surrounding was a nice shady place and with light breeze blowing… after they arrived back, we immediately finished the cool drinks… partly due to hunger.. partly due to thirst… It was time to embark on our second climbing session…

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