Monday, August 24, 2009

Antaragange Trip - 2. First tryst on Trekking

We started climbing the steps which lead to the temple… I was enthusiastically clicking away photos with my new Sony – W210 camera… when suddenly Neeru said that there is a path through the rocky mountain to reach there..her friend had tried it.. so we reluctantly :P started that way…and what a experience it would turn out to be.. :)

Most us being first time trekkers, we were naturally enthusiastic about climbing through the unknown…which ultimately proved the factor in enjoying the climb as well as in taking the daring decisions :P… So with gr8 anticipation, we started our journey… the path was full of rocks… we were amazed by the arrangement of the rocks… we could see few weeds in between the rocks… and trees and plants and thorns where there was enough ground for sand… Initially it was an easy path.. with very easy climbing rocks… few scattered glass pieces were visible here and there… all the while I was clicking away snaps… to the right of us, we could see large no. of trees and hills beyond… we were on the assumption that we had to reach those hills ... We then came across a little steep climb to a rock which was surrounded by big rocks… there were two possible ways to go on top of it… one ducking a little to top… the other a steeper one.. which required a helping hand (though one or two of us climbed without help :P)… while few of us were at climbing the rock.. few others were looking for a possibility of alternate route.. which was found easily.. and we took that path… we had to continuously avoid thorns.. which was easy in the beginning… but became harder as we progressed.. at few places where large rocks were on top of a rock, we posed as though we were pushing those rocks/ preventing from fall :D..

(On our way into the unknown)

We then came across a large & relatively flat rock looking as though dangling on the big rocky base… few climbed on it but found no way ahead :P… we had to take the thorny route between the rocks… around the corner one had to duck to knees to cross unscathed from thorns… then came our first moments of indecision… we could not see any signs of path leading to the temple… and we had no idea where the path lead to… Isli was pointing to those hills beyond the forest to be the place to reach… Mohan was telling that Neeru’s friend would surely have not taken this path :P…. while we were deciding on further course of action, it was our first refreshment break.. just water :P… Isli reminded us that climbing down would be very difficult, if not impossible, if we failed to find the path to temple… most of us were not ready to back-off so soon on our first trekking experience.. and so, we decided to go ahead, no matter what lied ahead :P.. much to the satisfaction of all… we joked that we should use GPRS to find a way :P… while some said we would need a helicopter to bring us back.. :D…

(Rough Path.. second difficult hurdle)

There was another group of trekkers ahead of us.. which increased our hopes.. as we climbed further, we took pictures of the beautiful landscape around.. sometimes posing around the cactuses… then came our second hurdle… huge rocks and thick vegetation in front… the group in front of us had gone through it and offered help to come.. :).. the path was full of thorns and many got scratches.. one had to hold each other’s hand to cross the thorny and slippery path and then climb onto a large flat base rock.. few snaps were taken on that flat rock.. few daring ones went near the edges of the rock and leaned backwards for a pose!!... few even climbed (including me :D) on a little dangerous looking rock nearby:…. Neeru fell both during climbing up and way down from that rock :P.. we took a break there.. resting and enjoying the beautiful landscape all around us.. we had an excellent view of the valley below... we could climb only little further.. as the rocks became very steep afterwards… though the group ahead of us climbed a step further, we realized it was way-too much for us… and Mohan had started to find it very difficult to climb… we also realized that this path was only for trekking.. and not the one to lead to temple :P.. but what an enjoying experience it was to trek through this path.. :) Rakesh was the lone man to climb a little higher than us… we were now concerned on getting back as climbing down is always tougher and tricky…

(On top - Rakesh)


MaK said...

Yeh Good ! Keep it Up...!!!!

Thiru said...

It s nice da...:)

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