Thursday, October 6, 2016

Go Green - Diesel Loco Shed and Yeshwanthpur

Very satisfying to attend the last two go green events for the year. Thanks a lot BTC and SayTrees.

Diesel Loco Shed, KR Puram - Sep 24

It was cloudy morning with bit of a drizzle, but we BTC enthusiasts reached the venue around 8 AM, even those coming from far off places. We caught up with fellow trekkers, regaling with our recent trips as well as previous plantation drives.




Durgesh and other organizers from SayTrees assembled corporate employees, college and school students and others to give an overview of event, a demo of plantation, etc


As usual, Arun and Virender did the same for BTCians. As the plantation method was different from previous drives, everybody were keen to listen and ask questions. Then, we were split in groups (mostly 2 person) - combining first timers and those with earlier plantation drive experience.

With 500+ turnout and relatively simpler plantation method, we finished off all saplings in about 2 hours and were left wanting for more saplings :P Then we had feedback session - as usual we were all thrilled to be part of this wonderful initiative and told our heartfelt satisfying experiences.



Check out this beautiful coverage from TV9 on this event, also explains the Miyawaki plantation way.

TV9 coverage

Further reading: Akira Miyawaki

Yeshwanthpur - Oct 2

The sunny, hot day couldn't have been more in contrast than the cool, pleasant one at Diesel Loco Shed.



Arun, Virender and Durgesh co-ordinated to guide us or give lift to the venue from Yeshwanthpur railway station entrance. While waiting for more people to arrive, organizers from SayTrees asked us to move the saplings, sticks, manure, etc to the already dug pits.

Then as usual, we teamed up - an experienced volunteer with newbies after a demo was given. The soil was loose enough to complete planting fast and move to next one. But there were lots to plant and we took rest when needed.

We were soon pretty tired while forming human chain to pass water bucket from tanker to pits. Each sapling had to be watered twice. Again we took breaks in between, drinking more and more water ourselves as well. Special kudos to those who kept on for a long time despite the heat and effort required.


We had feedback session before dispersing as is customary. Many were interested in participating in the preparation process prior to planting as well - Durgesh answered the question as well as pointing out how we may help.

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