Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Early morning walk and jog at Cubbon park - 17 Sep, 2016

So glad that BTC started the walk and jog events again, after a bit of break. Given the rainy season in Bengaluru, my daily 3.5+ KM morning walk wasn't regular too these past few weeks.

Image credit: wikimedia

As usual, meeting point was Cubbon park gate besides Metro station. Best way to reach is via Metro and usually you get to meet others on the way. Met Sandeep Paul and Naveen, and later came to know Arvind (good to catch up with him after long time) had also come. While waiting at meeting point, we discussed about our recent treks and introducing ourselves.

By 6:35 AM, everybody had gathered. Short intro telling our names. Then Ankit explains how we'll do a circuit around Cubbon first by walk and then jogging. New comers were advised to stick to regulars for familiarizing the route.

Perhaps because of working day that Saturday, our group was about half the size than normal. Add to it different pacing, we were pretty much on our own throughout. Except at major route points where Ankit and regulars co-ordinated to guide the new comers.

And as usual, thanks to Jyothi, we followed our walk and jog with equally (if not more) demanding stretching exercises. Laughter exercises were the best ;) We then had feedback session (praise all around, especially first timers), took a few pics, had sugarcane juice and dispersed.


Pictures credit: Naveen Kumar

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