Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Early morning walk and jog at Cubbon park - 24 July, 2016

Well, I did push myself to participate in another walk and jog event. Like the first one, it was satisfying in the company of BTCians.

Perhaps owing to spree of western ghats treks, only few registered. About 15 turned up, some few minutes late. Ankit and Veera took us through the now familiar plan - walk on the jogging track around the park first, followed by jogging and then stretching exercises.

Though our group was small, we soon split across as per our comfortable walking sprint. Veera and me discussed on Himalayan treks. Near the library, we stopped about 5-10 minutes for new comers to catch up. Continuing our discussion, Veera and me completed the circuit only to discover that others took a short-cut and had already started their jog :P

It felt even more difficult this time to keep myself jogging without a break, despite my usual slow pace. Around halfway mark, I did think about taking short-cut or break from jog. But somehow I found motivation to keep going and finished it. Very satisfying.

Then Jyothi led us through series of stretching exercises. Again, they felt even more difficult to keep up than 5+5 KM walk and jog. Her commentary, energetic motivation and counting did help though. Highlight was holding our breadth as much as possible and releasing as laughter.

Water and snack was followed by feedback session. It was heartening to see newcomers heaping praise about the event and promise to be regular in future. We then had sugarcane juice before dispersing. I do hope I will attend this at least once a month :)

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