Friday, June 10, 2016

Book review - May 2016

Yay for standalone fantasy novels. Read short-stories books after long time too :)

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Liked the beginning a lot, but then the story meandered out before picking up at the end

I was very much reminded of "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" with regards to the way magic was done by master and his pupil, plus the use of book (Raven king/Jaga)!



Collection of stories that linger long after you've read... top notch writing, highly memorable - particularly if your familiar with the two states (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) where action takes place.. you'll be wishing to visit those places

I could recognize two of them I had read before - one of them was from online short-story competition, which was my first introduction to Sumana's writing

Tagline is aptly chosen, which along with paranormal theme connects the disparate stories..

Here's to hoping I'll get to read more thrilling stuff from this author in coming years :)


The Mask 

Liked the family angle, not so much the horror elements which were present throughout the story

The impact would've been better if it had been used sparingly, I found myself skimming the horror scenes/dreams after first few mentions


My first taste of Arthur Clarke (discounting '2001: A Space Odyssey' movie) and I liked these short stories very much, especially the space travel ones
Would have preferred less of apocalyptic though ;) 
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