Saturday, June 21, 2014

Make Day by Brainstars

After attending Make Day organized by Brainstars (Gandhi Bazaar Circle, Basavanagudi), I so wish I had concentrated on tinkering with stuffs than rote learning. I know it is not too late for that even now, but being the lazy bum that I am, I doubt it'll happen.

Took about 45 minutes to reach on my cycle and another 15 minutes for breakfast nearby. To ensure one doesn't miss any exhibits, we had to earn 'OK' stamp from all volunteers to finally receive a certificate (plus a kite).

The first one was 3D Doodler. This is handheld version of 3D Printer. Some sort of specialized plastic is inserted and two speed buttons to control drawing. My attempt to draw a circle turned into a broken quadrilateral. As you can see from above pictures, kids got creative.
Some exhibits were still coming up, so I took time to look around the place. I could spot little things given the creative touch.
Next was hands-on tinkering with a programming tool called 'Scratch'. To put it simply, one can create animations - be it for stories or games. A platform for learning to code with loads of fun. The kid in blue-white t-shirt was quick to understand the basics and had never ending questions to be answered.
Makey Makey taught concept of circuit in a very simple and effective manner. We played games and made music by touching each other or tapping fruits.
Make spirit was soaring for puppet show. Kids and adults alike took to drawing and cutting shapes. I especially liked Aditya's three gears working model of his Innovation 101 logo.


Finally, I got to see a 3D printer. I am still not convinced about its usability given high cost of investment and materials. But perhaps like other technologies, it'll improve and become household product. Apparently, there are houses built in China using 3D printers!

Vinod from New Horizon College came across as a very passionate guy about working aircraft models as well as tinkering with principles to create his own versions. He is even conducting workshops and handing out certificates that help students in strengthening their career prospects.
I missed the last exhibit in order to attend another workshop (Aditya's Innovation 101). Overall, the ability of kids to be open minded, curious, patient, no preconceived inhibitions as well as their parents' willingness to look beyond stereotype education was heart warming. 3 idiots movie crossed my mind more than once and I wish I had been forced to tinker with stuff than encouraged to aspire for top marks.

Photo credits: Jasmeet Singh

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