Saturday, July 31, 2010

This and That

Entertainment is always welcome, especially so when one is weary on a Friday evening in office. And so it happened that yesterday at 5pm, we left our cubicles to congregate at the pantry. The fun club (as I call it :D) at our office had organized for some interesting one-minute games. We stood roughly about in a circle, a ball (the size of a football) was to be passed around and whoever had the ball in hand when the music being played stopped is chosen to participate in the game that followed.
Against my best of hopes, I was to play the first game. The game was thus: In one minute, myself and my opponent had to bring one balloon at a time (kept at the other end of the pantry), sit on it to burst it and repeat the max. no. of times! Easy though it sounds, the balloon kept slipping from umm... underneath. Initially I had the lead, then a fumble had my opponent take an unassailable lead. I said myself to just go through the motion when I heard a loud cheer from my team (read project team). My opponent's balloon had slipped to cause considerable delay and I won! :) In all I succeeded seven times, winning by fraction of a second.

The other games that followed were:
  • Plate filled with flour and coins hidden inside. One had to use his mouth to search and place it aside as many coins as possible.
  • This one had four players. Two girls and two guys forming two pairs. The guy in each team had to apply nail-polish as fast as possible! It so happened, one guy was married and the other was bachelor. No prizes for guessing who won :D
  • Again four, but all guys. Two teams. One had to lift the legs of his teammate such that he could use only his hands to move forward.
  • Back to girl-guy team. Have to bring one straw at a time from other end of the room and insert in the girl's hair!
  • Final one with two players. Squeeze cut lemons into a cup.

So, in the end I was only too happy having played the first one and not the ones that followed :D. And a Cadbury-temptation for my 'efforts' was just as pleasing :D.


While it was fun alright, my weekend has just got shorter. This week, after two-and-a-half month wait, BITS finally announced the short-listed candidates for MS course in Micro-electronics. Specially designed for corporate world, the course is normal four-semester one with classes held on either a Saturday or Sunday for 16 weeks a semester. I didn't care if I would be selected or not, but now that I am short-listed, I am not sure if it was a good-idea to have applied :D.

But I do hope these questions below will now leave me for a while :D

Click on the image to see an enlarged version

I am sure many of you would have asked at one point or the other, but they keep pounding my head very often :(
Lemme finish this 'short' post by,

Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day :)


leo said...

haha..had fun eh?must be exhilarating to have some fun after sittin in ur cubicle for so long..

Sundeep said...


ofcourse, on a friday evening, who wouldn't enjoy :D

Goku said...

Freaky Friday changing to Fun Friday...
@ Leo N Sundeep: Happy Friendship Pals!!!
Best wishes for ur course ahead, Sundeep...

Sundeep said...

Hey Gokul,

Happy friendship day buddy :)

and thanks for your best wishes :)

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